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Completed Miniatures of a Clark CA-1 Airborne Bulldozer and Laplant-Choate CAB-1 Scraper





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Welcome to our photo gallery. This showcase will be devoted to items of interest pertaining to current and historical aspects of WW2 Aviation Engineer Airborne equipment. If you would like to contribute images and captions for our page, please contact us. Check back often, this section will grow with time. Numerical links to additional pages can be found under the Gallery navigation icon at left. Ray Rigaud

Blade view of the Trail Tractor developed by the United States Forestry Service. This was the father of the WW2 CA-1

Another view of the U.S.F.S. Trail Tractor (photos courtesy of the British Columbia Archives, contributed by Bill Grohoski) 

Cpl. R.C. Ferguson, age 21, operating a CA-1 in the South Pacific - Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal.

R.C. Ferguson 58 years later at the 1999 Wisconsin "Thresheree Exhibit" operating a restored CA-1 owned by Roger Brown of Madison.

Kenneth Avery's fully restored Model D-4 Letourneau Tournapull with a model "Q" Carryall being pushed by Ray Rigaud's restored CA-1.

Unrestored CA-1 dozer. Click links to view actual manufacturer's package list (page 1 and page 2) of the CA-1 pictured above. (maximize link window for the best view)

Clark CA-1 dozer and Laplant Choate CAB-1 pan scraper purchased surplus after the war somewhere in Connecticut circa 1946 (photo courtesy of "Vic")




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