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Completed Miniatures of a Clark CA-1 Airborne Bulldozer and Laplant-Choate CAB-1 Scraper





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This was our first project American Machine and Metals S/N CA-1441569 as found with rusted sheet metal, broken final drive, rusted out gas tank and a wrong seat among many other problems.

The same Clark CA-1 bulldozer now fully restored sporting a little dust and dirt as seen from a working display.

An interior operator's view of the Clark and a new stainless steel gas tank.

Rear sprocket and lift ring.

Original data plates.

Close-up of the dashboard.

New seat frame cushions and padding.

Rear view with new battery box and rebuilt winch.

Inside looking out of a Waco CG-4A Glider Cockpit. The CG-4A had a 83 foot wingspan and was 48 feet long. Another future project (just the cockpit)! 

The same view (left) manned by pilot and co-pilot ( (National Archives - U.S. Air Force photo)

Recent acquisition (as found) and current
restoration project: LaPlant Choate CAB-1

The same LaPlant Choate CAB-1 (above) sandblasted and ready for primer.

LaPlant Choate CAB-1 (above) with primer applied.

Our most recent acquisition and most interesting CA-1.
We are currently doing research to determine whether
this particular model was a prototype or an
intense private modification.



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