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Welcome to our Trading Post devoted to helping our visitors buy, sell or trade items of interest (items must be related to Aviation Engineer equipment only). This a free service and if you wish to participate, please submit a JPEG photo, short descriptive text, and your contact information. Use the "Email" link on our "Contact" page to do so. Syltech will not be responsible for content or transactions related to these posts.

Maintenance and Service Manual with Parts Book for a Clarktor 75. Good condition inside, cover is getting ragged. Best offer.

Jim Forbes
Sierra Vista, AZ.
Email: jforb@mindspring.com

Willing to sale one of my CLARKAIR Manuals. Asking $120.00. Make offer using the email link on the contact page of this web site. Click photo for larger views. (close window to return)

Ray Rigaud


I want to sell my CA-1 bulldozer. It has been all gone over and runs and works like it should. It has the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers on the front blade. I am accepting offers. E-mail me at jgisafishin@juno.com 



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