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Completed Miniatures of a Clark CA-1 Airborne Bulldozer and Laplant-Choate CAB-1 Scraper





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This page will explore your requests to have various dozers identified in reference to Clark Airborne & other WWII related equipment. Please use our contact page to email JPEG images of what you would like identified. Your name and email will be kept private if you request it.

“The machine in question is powered by a 4-cylinder Continental gasoline engine. It has a removable ballast box and radiused loader arms, a three-speed manual transmission, and hand-controlled steering. Also of interest is the design of the loader lift cylinders since they have no piston, but just a collar welded onto the end of a rod to prevent the rod from leaving the cylinder. Lift is accomplished by volume displacement and lowering is by gravity the dump is a two-way cylinder.” — Tim

“Hi Tim... What you have going by the description and the photo is a US TRAC loader.
The arms where cut off at the cylinders junction and a bucket from some other machine was grafted on to it. 'Bastardized' is what I would call it! I will post your photo and see if anybody knows what the bucket originally belonged to.” — Ray



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